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  • X-rays: Why are x-rays needed?

    Research shows that 60 % of decay is detected from an x-ray compared to seeing it clinically in the mouth, in less visible areas of the mouth. In other words, our patients can have a cavity and not even be aware of it. Once the cavity becomes so large to detect, patients are so close to having root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth. Only on some occasions, will an x ray not be able to detect problems especially when they are under a metal crown and severely overlapping teeth. These have to be detected clinically. With modern technology, it allows us to take digital x-rays which have reduced exposures by at least another 80% compared to old film x-rays. So the benefits of taking x-rays far outweigh any slight risks involved, since the information gained can save considerable expense for our patients.
  • Why we don’t send laboratory work overseas?

    All our crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, splints, dentures, are made locally here in Canberra. There are many reasons for this including: 1. The most important reason is the quality control of Dental Materials. TGA approved materials can only be used in Australia. When laboratory work is done overseas, materials that are banned here are used overseas. Even when an overseas laboratory say they use the same material, it is difficult to detect what they have used. Even more important are implant parts, where genuine branded parts are essential for long healthy service in the mouth. 2. For our cosmetic cases, it is easier to communicate with our laboratory. Our patients visit them for a shade analysis and to assist us with the final smile design. online dating sites in norway agence de rencontre drummondville 3. Promotes local business in Canberra.
  • Do we accept new and emergency patients?

    Yes, of course. We keep spaces in our books for emergency and new patients.
  • Do we extract Wisdom teeth?

    Yes, if they are straight forward. If it is more extensive then it is better to do it under sedation or general anaesthesia with a specialist.
  • What is a hygienist/therapist?

    We have a hygienist/ therapist in our rooms who looks after our patients gum health and who also treats all our under 18 patients.
  • What is HICAPS?

    If you are in a fund, the fund will pay your eligible amount and you only pay the difference. This is all done before you leave the surgery.
  • How much will my appointment cost?

    Our staff can always help to give you an idea of costs. Also after an initial examination, a treatment plan with estimated costs can be issued. If you are unsure, always ask about anything. We are always here to help.
  • How much notice do you require for cancellation?

    24 hours is required so that we can fill the space with somebody on our waiting list.
  • Is dentistry covered by Medicare?

    Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover costs of dental treatment other than for eligible patients of the Child Dental benefits Schedule.
  • Do we treat patients under Sedation?

    No, all sedation and General Anaesthetic patients are referred to other practitioners for specialised treatment. Our nervous patients are treated with sedatives and nitrous oxide (happy gas). Do note there is an extra charge for the use of Nitrous Oxide Gas.