About Our Dental Team In Deakin

At Dental Vitality, our aim is to provide a holistic approach to your dental treatment. We have been a non-amalgam practice for over 30 years with a strong emphasis on prevention, nutrition and minimal intervention. To this end we use only TGA approved dental materials and BPA free composite resin filling materials.

What We Do

At Dental Vitality, the focus is on handing over cost-effective and first-rate routine, cosmetic and hygiene dental services. We are keen to address the fast-changing requirements of our patients. Most of our clients now need routine and convenient oral health check-ups, instead of invasive medication. We believe patients deserve a dental service that acknowledges this change.

Here you will be welcomed into a most contemporary relaxing environment, exactly designed to boost your sense of calm and well being, and you will be dealt with by our caring team of experts and dental hygiene, who will assure that you will be put at comfort and get the highest quality dental care customised to your requirements and budget, leaving you with a dazzling, fresh and healthy smile.

We Support Your General and Oral Health

We are ardent and committed to cater preventative dental care for our clients. At Dental Vitality, this means that our dental care experts will guide you towards healthier and brighter teeth, as well as keeping your good oral hygiene and well-being.

Each dentist and hygienist that we hire to our valued team is explicitly trained to the greatest professional standards.

The most popular dental disease is gum disease or periodontal disease. These issues can be prevented or treated by keeping good oral hygiene.

We have been advised from childhood the seriousness of brushing your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day for preventing the formation of plaque and calculus, and discolouring of the teeth, which creates bacteria, and which can result in gum or periodontal disease, leading to nasty symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, sensitive teeth, and in very intense cases, mobility of teeth.

The good thing is that gum disease and periodontal disease can be prevented easily or treated by routine visits to professional dental clinics.

Know About Our Safety and Quality

Our eminently skilled dentists are greatly committed to persistent education to cater you the best professional dental care. We pride ourselves on extending a wide range of all-inclusive professional dental services using the most modern technology available. We are equipped with electronic health record systems comprising digital radiographic imaging that reduces the risk of radiation. To enhance the precision during dental procedures, we leverage microscope technology. The high zooming makes minute details and the slenderest structures clearly visible to our experts and thus improving the quality of treatment.

Dental Vitality is using the skill mix of the integrated dental unit that has been specifically devised to prevent dental disease, help and maintain good oral health and to bring about total client satisfaction in contemporary purpose-designed dental centres which work under regulatory standards and cater to quality preventative dental care in an intact environment.

Our Collaborative Practice

We have two highly experienced dentists with 50 years combined experience. Thomas, Sharon and Charlie share a compassionate ethos and treat patients with respect and consideration, discussing treatment options and guiding the decision process to the best patient focused outcome.

Dental Vitality is a collaborative practice, and Thomas, Sharon and Charlie routinely discuss cases and treatment progress, valuing input from other professionals. They work closely with highly regarded specialists in the Canberra region.

With increased longevity of life, we need our teeth to stay strong and healthy. That is why we value regular preventative maintenance as essential to detecting and managing early dental disease. Research continues to show strong links between poor oral health and systemic disease.

Maintaining The Highest Standards

We strive to maintain the highest standards of Infection Control (currently AS 4815) and our staff undergo regular training and revision. All our staff are also first aid trained.

Meet Our Team

Dr Thomas Mathai (BDS) (Syd) (FACNEM)

Dr Thomas Mathai (BDS) (Syd) (FACNEM) is a fellow of the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine. As his qualifications suggest Dr Thomas has a special interest in nutrition and its effects on the body, specifically dental decay and inflammation.

Thomas enjoys the challenge of complex cases, particularly lost tooth replacement and dental conditions resulting from sleep disturbance.

Dr Sharon Mathai (BDS) (ADC Melb)

Dr Sharon Mathai (BDS) (ADC Melb) has a keen eye for aesthetics fostering a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Design and Whitening. Dr Sharon is enthusiastic in her passion for people and dentistry and her skills are complemented by her attention to form and shade. Sharon enjoys all aspects of her profession and is particularly suited to calming anxious patients.

Charlton Asher

Charlton Asher is our Oral Health Therapist. Charlie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Oral Health from the University of Charles Sturt. Charlie was proudly the 2020 recipient of the Golder Scaler Award for exceptional skills. Her scope of practice allows her to treat all your child’s dental needs, including decay reduction and preventative treatments, x-rays, restorations, and orthodontic referral if required.

Admin & Other Staff

At Dental Vitality, you can expect the best from both our experienced dentists and our admin staff.

Our team of friendly receptionists and dental assistants are here to help and make your experience relaxed. We offer a holistic and personalised approach for the best dental health for our patients.

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