Frequently Asked Questions

X-rays are invaluable in the dental setting. 2/3s of every tooth is below the gum surrounded by bone and clinically we can only see 3/5s of each tooth crown.

We routinely take 2 Bitewings x-rays every 2 years, these show us between your teeth where you should be flossing, the level of the bone between the teeth which indicates periodontal health and leaks or breaks around the filling margins indicating decay.

We may take a PA x-ray if we need to look at the root tip of a tooth, looking for infection.

Modern digital X-rays are very safe, we now use sensor plates instead of film further reducing radiation exposure. There is more radiation exposure on a flight to Sydney than a digital dental x-ray.

All our crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, splints and dentures, are made in Australia and where possible Canberra.
We value Australian Standards, your health and safety, and our reputation so we use TGA-approved materials and chose laboratories and technicians with similar values.
We only use genuine branded parts for our Implants, Straumann, Astra Tech, and Noble Bio Care.

Yes. We keep appointments in our books for emergency and new patients.

Yes, if the extraction is straightforward. If the extraction is complex we may recommend sedation or general anesthesia with a specialist. We will take an x-ray prior to the extraction.

This is an electronic payment system allowing us to claim on your behalf if you have a Private Health Insurance Fund and dental cover. This is done at reception and you just pay the Gap.

Please call the practice for the estimated cost of your first appointment. After an initial examination, a treatment plan with estimated costs can be issued. However, we are in line with the ADA guidelines.

We request 24 hours’ notice. We are a busy practice and have patients on standby that may appreciate your appointment.

The Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme is a federally funded dental program providing $1000 over 2 years for children up to the age of 18. You may be eligibly if you receive any part of the Family Tax Benefit Part A. This scheme can be used instead of Private Health Insurance, however there will be a gap payment required.

If you have a Health Care Card you can register at the Government Dental Health Clinic. There is usually a waiting list.

We have Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas) available which is a Relative Anaesthesia. The patient is conscious during the treatment but extremely relaxed. Oxygen is given at the end of the appointment so the patient is clear-headed and can drive home from their appointment. It is very popular with our nervous patients despite incurring an additional fee.

If you prefer IV Sedation or a General Anaesthetic we would refer you to the appropriate dental specialist.

Contact our friendly team to make an appointment.