Introducing Guided Biofilm Therapy with the EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

At our Dental Clinic in Deakin, patients of our practice are encouraged to see Charlie, our Oral Health Therapist at regular intervals recommended by their dentist.

Recently Thomas and Sharon installed the EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master in our hygiene room.  What this state-of-the-art piece of technology means to you is for the first time we can offer you a pain free hygiene appointment.

Traditional scaling removed calculus (or Tartar) that collects and builds around your teeth and gumline causing inflammation, bleeding, and bone loss. We now know this compromises your immune system, effects your heart health, your fertility, and your overall wellness.  Over time this bacterium hardens and almost needs a jack hammer to remove!  And that’s what a traditional scaler feels like, scratching away at your teeth, spraying cold water on sensitive spots, and literally putting your teeth on edge.

Thomas and Sharon are not new to the EMS Airflow range, we were one of the first practices in Canberra to use the forerunner to the Prophylaxis Master and we still use it to remove stubborn tea or nicotine stains. However, this new technology uses high pressure warm water mixed with a lightly flavoured micro powder to remove the biofilm, which is the building blocks for calculus.

This treatment has a therapeutic effect, so with subsequent appointments we can expect less build up, less bone loss, and less disease.

If at the completion of this treatment you have some robust calculus, the EMS Airflow comes with a Piezon Ultrasonic scaler with a Sensor tip. Making it the gentlest scaler tip on the planet.

This treatment is particularly beneficial for patients with periodontal pocketing, orthodontic bands and is so gentle it is recommended for cleaning implants.

Best of all, there is no additional charge to you 😊

Periodontal disease

During your hygiene appointment, Charlie will check your gum attachment and measure the depth of any identified pocketing. She will also recommend improvements to your home care if needed. Combined with sophisticated software, Charlie is able to track and monitor your gums and bone health. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is a progressive and destructive inflammatory disease resulting in bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

Our practice strives to help you avoid this condition or if already established, slow its progress. Research continues to show strong links between poor oral health and systemic disease including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, burning mouth syndrome, anxiety, depression, and peripheral neuropathy. Patients who have diabetes, epilepsy, cognitive issues, or dexterity restrictions often require special care.

Children’s Dentistry

Dentistry for Children and Teenagers

We are very grateful for the gentle care of our Oral Health Therapist; Charlie is trained to provide conservative dental treatment to young children and teenagers in a calm environment. As a family practice, we encourage a child’s first visit by the age of 2 years mainly for familiarisation and parent education.

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Oral Health Therapy

Services From Our Oral Health Therapist Include:

  • Comprehensive oral examination.
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants.
  • Low dosage digital x-rays when required.
  • Fluoride treatments when necessary.
  • Deciduous Restorative treatment.
  • Patient and parent education with special emphasis on tooth brushing, flossing and dietary advice.
  • Sports mouth-guards.
  • Trauma and emergency appointments.
  • Orthodontic assessment and referrals when necessary.

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